The complete guide to GraphQL on AWS
Everything you need to know to develop, deploy, and run your APIs on AWS AppSync
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Last updated: 2022/3/22
Learn GraphQL
the graph-based API designed for speed and developer productivity from this book
Based on experience and best practices, this book contains everything you'll need and nothing you won't.
For developers
Written for people who write code. Code snippets, technical details, and things to avoid are all covered in the book.
Free to read
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Chapters included
GraphQL basics
If you know how to develop REST-like APIs, you'll learn how to develop GraphQL ones too.
AWS AppSync (coming soon)
Learn AWS's hosted GraphQL solution and how to host your backend on it.
Infrastructure-as-code (coming soon)
Learn how to deploy the API with the AWS CDK or Terraform
Case studies (coming soon)
Step-by-step examples on how to develop realistic apps
Tamás Sallai

I'm a software developer focusing mostly on cloud computing and web technologies. I'm especially interested in how to handle edge cases to end up with dependable software.

When I started working with GraphQL I needed to do a lot of research until I felt I have a chance to start building a reliable and robust solution. This book aims to be the guide that covers everything you'll need to get you from working with REST-like APIs to AppSync.

Do you have any questions/feedback? Reach me at any methods listed here.